Graduated as an ICT Engineer

I started my Bachelor of Engineering program in Information and Communications Technology at HAMK University of Applied Sciences in Fall 2018. As of April 14th, 2022, I am officially a graduated ICT Engineer. Despite the title of an ICT Engineer, my main focus in my studies has been programming and computer science.

My time at HAMK was great. I went from a hobbyist programmer to a professional software developer. I loved the flexibility of my studies, as I had the opportunity to take interesting classes from many of the best universities in Finland. I am especially grateful of the opportunity of remote learning towards the end of my studies, as I relocated to New York City while also working a full-time job.

My degree program has only been a starting point in my journey of learning and has given me great tools to keep improving and become a better software developer. As part of my degree I wrote a Bachelor’s Thesis on Improving Event Management Implementation on Odoo Business Management Software, which can be found online for free at